Poster Sessions I (6th Dec) and II (7th Dec) will be held in the first floor – Drawing Room of Vila Lanna.

Posters should be set up between 8.30 and 9.00 on Thursday. The author should be present at his/her poster at the indicated times for the Poster Session. (Odd numbers – Poster Session I and even numbers Poster Session II)

Book of Abstracts

Abstracts will be published in an abstract book freely available to all participants.


Posters boards will be sized: A1, portrait oriented.


P-1 Dickens S.M., The PNN as a neuroprotective barrier in Parkinson’s disease

P-2 Dubišová Vallová J., Effect of perineuronal net inhibitor on memory retention in mice

P-3 Nieuwenhuis B., Phosphoinositide 3-kinases promote axon regeneration in the central nervous system

P-4 Petrova V., Overexpression of protrudin enhances regeneration after laser axotomy and after optic nerve crush through multiple mechanisms

P-5 Maya-Vetencourt J.F., The optogenetic reduction of REST in adult visual cortex rescues ocular dominance plasticity in mice

P-6 Oreskovic D., Expression of Perineuronal Nets in the Human Insula during Fetal and Perinatal Development


PP-7 Kekulová K., Stimulation of axon growth in the in vitro model of CNS injury by transgenic activation of alpha9 integrin combined with biomodified material

PP-8 Neumannová K., Adaptation of tape removal test for sensation measurement in perineal area of rat

PP-9 Aljovic A., Overexpression of the presynaptic organizer FGF22 improves synapse formation and axonal remodeling following spinal cord injury

PP-10 Svobodová Burianová J., Early postnatal noise exposure accelerates development of perineuronal nets in the rat auditory cortex

PP-11 Svobodová B., Dynamics of spinal cord injury in vivo using two-photon microscopy

PP-12 Krzystyniak A., Depression Resilience functional and structural correlates

PP-13 Jakovljević A., The role of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in the modulation of perineuronal nets and synaptic remodeling in the hippocampus induced by enriched environment

PP-14 Baczynska E., Ketamine injected before chronic stress exposure protects mice from development of depressive-like behavior and accelerates the process of returning to nondepressed state

PP-15 Károva K., Neural precursors generated from spinal progenitor cells reduce inflammation in spinal cord injury via NFκB pathway modulation

PP-16 Trnski S., The perinatal mild hypoxic brain lesion in rats causes changes in perineuronal nets morphology and impaired learning behavior

PP-17 Romanyuk N., The expression of neuronal and glial markers as well as members of Wnt and Shh signaling pathways are modulated by miR-34a-5p.

PP-18 Stamenković V., The Role of Tenascin-C in Adult Neurogenesis and Glial Scarring

PP-19 Růžička J., The effect of enzymatic pre-treatment with Chondroitinase ABC on perineuronal nets and memory in a mice model of AMP mediated hibernation like state

PP-20 Machová Urdzíková L., The new model of ventral spinal cord lesion

PP-21 Chudíčková M., Comparison of the effect of Wharton jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells and their conditioned media in rat model of spinal cord injury

PP-22 Šeneklová M., PHLDA3 overexpression in astrocytes causes endoplasmic reticulum stress